Why Choose Match.com As Your Online Dating Site?

It is no secret that a majority of people want to be in a romantic relationship. This due to the fact that it really feels good to know that you have someone to love, who will also love you back. Also, being in a strong, romantic relationship can actually help make you a better person and that there is a very good chance that the individuals involved in the relationship will be more inspire to succeed in life.

The reality that a lot of people face however is that not all romantic relationships end well, no matter how great it may feel in the beginning. Also, the fact is that nowadays, it is already very difficult to even just start such a kind of relationship.

If your problem is looking for someone to love who will also be romantically loving and caring for you then probably one of the best things that you can do now would be for you to try to go out and meet new people. This will allow you to build your social circles which will most certainly help in allowing you to find love, or be found by it. However, there may be a number of reasons why you will want to refrain from doing so. One is that you have a truly busy schedule that takes up most of your time, so you are not able to go out as much as you want anymore. Also, it is very possible that you are simply not comfortable with going out just to meet people unless you really have to.

A solution that you can employ for this problem then is for you to be part of an online dating service. What’s great about these services is that you will not need to go out of the way in order for you to meet new people. Instead, you simply log on to the website and communicate with the people whom you get to meet here. If you feel comfortable enough then you can decide to maybe meet up in real life. With online dating websites, you can make the initial phases of dating safe, fun and convenient as well.

Key to your success in online dating is the website that you choose to sign up with. Of the many options that are available then, it is match.com that you will want to choose and for a number of reasons.

First off, match.com is one of the longest running online dating websites today so you can say that the website is much more trusted compared to others.

Aside from the longevity of match.com, it also has one of the biggest number of users out of all the online dating sites that are up today. This will definitely help to increase your chances of being able to find a person whom you can easily relate to, which should also increase the chances of you being able to find the love that you want to have.

So, if you are asking should I join match.com or eharmony and you want to know match.com prices then datingpriceguide.com is a website that will definitely be able to help.

The Development of Relationships and Online Dating

The world has greatly changed since the onset of the internet and the World Wide Web. A couple of centuries ago, the process of looking for partners in life usually involved an area of search that was barely five miles in radius. What I mean is that the area wherein a person could find a suitable partner in life was barely around five miles away from one’s home. Seldom would a person travel farther than the five-mile radius from his/her home, and hence, a typical person a couple of centuries ago would usually marry someone who lived within the five-mile radius from his/her home.

Nowadays, however, with the onset of fast communication and transportation, the world has greatly evolved into a veritable “global village” wherein people are connected and linked by speedy transportation and communication. Hence, even if you are living on the other side of the globe, you can easily communicate with another person on the other side of the globe; and you can develop friendship with that person. Your relationship with that person could later on evolve into a romantic relationship that may blossom later on into a full-blown marital relationship.

For the less lucky people who could not find suitable partners in their localities or countries, they could easily go online and join the different dating sites like match.com. You could, for example, avail of free trial at match.com in 2016, allowing you to get a firsthand experience of how it is to do online dating.

The process of finding the right person to marry has never been so easy and less complicated nowadays. Using your mobile phone, you can easily communicate with lots of potential partners who are also looking for partners in life. Since a good relationship usually starts with a simple communication, you can easily initiate a simple regular communication with a potential partner in life via the use of dating sites. Online dating is definitely cool and easy, and it is surely not demanding as compared to a face-to-face relationship that allows you immediately to be very physical with another person. Online dating does not allow you to plunge yourself immediately into an intimate physical relationship that usually muddles your mind and prevents you from really assessing the personality of your partner.

Online, you can engage in a slow buildup of relationship and mellow down the process a bit until you can get to know the person more deeply. Hence, the potential of finding the right person for you is actually great via online dating sites. Moreover, you got plenty of options when it comes to online dating and you are not duty-bound instantaneously to become so attached with a particular person.

There are, however, downsides to online dating. On the one hand, the person whom you are dating online may be putting his/her best foot forward, and you may find it hard to grasp the real attitudes and behavior of that person, unlike when your relationship is a face-to-face relationship. Likewise, you may tend not to value the relationship because you got plenty of options online, and all these options may further confound you and prevent you from making the right choice, without realizing it.

Tips On Getting Women

Women are different and each of them have their own wants and needs. Those that are of substance do not just look at your finances or at your physical side. Although most women will become attracted to good looking men, good looks wouldn’t be enough to make them attracted to you for a long time. Even if you are not rich and is not that attractive, you can still find a woman who will fall for you. There are a lot of coaches out there that can help you know what to do to attract the women that you like. Take for example the girlfriend activation system by Christian Hudson helps you to have the woman you want without using your looks or your money. This is a paid product but if you are looking for free tips, just continue to read below to get some of those tips.

1. Be kind – Kindness attracts women who are also good hearted. Playing the bad ass may be able to attract some women but it can also send the wrong message to other women. It can also attract the wrong kind of women for you. There is kindness in everyone and it would be better if you just show that kindness in you and not just play out a part because you wanted to attract more girls. In this way, you will really attract the girl that is also kind and is comfortable with you because of the goodness in you.

2. Be supportive – Different women have different goals in life and although it may not be your goal or it seems far-fetched, it would be better not to laugh at them but just be supportive of them. Sometimes, they just need someone to listen to them so that they can really visualize their dreams.

3. Be happy – If you are just looking for someone to make yourself happy then you wouldn’t really be happy. You need to feel happy and exude happiness to attract someone to be happy with you. Love yourself and take care of yourself so that you can find someone who will be happy with your company too. If you push yourself to enjoy every moment, you can certainly be happy with them too.

4. Don’t be controlling – Women have their own minds and they need to be free. Trying to control them will just push them away even if they love you. Everybody deserves to be free and you wouldn’t also wanted to be controlled by them.

5. Be humble – Being an arrogant jerk will not only leave you alone but can also lead to a slap on your face. Let her compliment you for your achievements and don’t brag. A simple thank you will show her that you appreciate her praises but are humble enough not to rub it in. Boasting will just make you look bad not only in front of her but also in front of others.
6. Be ready to help – Women appreciate it if you are always ready to help not only them but also their family or friends or even strangers. They find this characteristic very humanly attractive.

What Subscribers Want From Online Dating Sites

As more and more people get married through joining an online dating site, the popularity of online dating sites is soaring than ever not only throughout the Western countries but also across the Eastern countries. This means if you wish to create your own dating site you will have more chances of attracting more subscribers to your site. You simply need to find out and learn about the many ways online dating sites do to attract more subscribers to their sites. You can also read about eHarmony review UK and reviews of other online dating sites to discover about the many different features that they offer and the reasons why many subscribers trust their sites. It is also important to know what the subscribers look for in an online dating site. Read on to find out about this.

Subscribers want a dating site that offers various rates.

You should bear in mind that some subscribers only want to try using an online dating site for a month, while others prefer to try it for around 6 months. There are also some who can afford to subscribe for one year. That is why you should be able to create various payment plan options for the subscribers. The more payment plan options you offer the better since the subscribers also compare the rates and choose the type of payment plan option that suits their budget.

Subscribers choose an online dating site that they can navigate easily.

Remember the subscribers use your site for the main purpose of finding their lifelong partner at the most relaxing and convenient way possible. You certainly do not want to stress them when they use your site, so be sure to provide easy options for them. Make your dating site user friendly as much as possible since this is the type of online dating website that the subscribers want to use. You most certainly want them to exchange messages instantly, make sure that your site also loads very fast.

Subscribers prefer to use an online dating site with a wide coverage area.

More often than not, the subscribers prefer to meet different potential partners from around the world. That explains why those sites that cater to many subscribers from different parts of the globe are the most popular ones. Although there are subscribers who want to meet their potential partners from the same race, your online dating site will have more chances of attracting more subscribers if you cater to subscribers from every part of the globe.

Subscribers pick out an online dating site with great features.

Some online dating sites feature an efficient matching system where they offer suggested matches to their subscribers, saving them much time as a result. The eHarmony online dating site is a good case in point. It also provides gift memberships and dating advice. You can check out other sites to find out about their other features too. You can follow some of their features and create new features for your online dating site.

Free Trial Match.com To Find Your Perfect Match

Whether you are looking for a guy or a gal as your perfect match, we cannot deny the fact that the internet plays an important role in helping you find the kind of person you are exactly looking for. As of the present days, online dating sites are scattered on the face of the internet thus, making it easier and much faster for you to find your soulmate.

Searching for Your Match Online

Like what has been said a while back, finding your perfect match is not that hard and difficult as what others might want to think. With the aid of the internet, you can easily find what and who you are actually looking for. With just a few clicks on your computer, a good number of potential individuals would come appearing in front of you and from there you can choose the one that suits your expectations best. By way of searching online, you can have the opportunity to find your match right at the tips of your fingers and right in the comforts of your home.

Trying the Free Dating Sites

As of the present days, the internet is actually teeming with many sites that offer dating services. As a matter of fact, these dating sites have become extremely popular not only in a particular country but in most countries of the world, too. With these dating sites, people no longer have to go out of their places just to find the person whom they wish to be their partner for life. As a matter of fact, countless people from different parts of the globe have already found their perfect match with the aid of these dating sites. But for you to test the integrity and quality of service offered by a particular dating site, it is a good idea to choose the one that offers its services for free or the one that that offers free trials.

Dating Site Free Trials: an Excellent Choice for You

This site is considered as one of the best dating sites on the face of the planet during these days because it offers its services to not just one country but many countries all over the world. Thuds, this is simply a great way for you to find people of different races and nationalities whom you wish to meet for you to be able to choose the one simply matches you best. As a matter of fact, many people regard Dating Site Free Trials as an excellent way to find their soulmates without having to spend in the process.

Free Trial Match.com Since this site offers its services with a free trial scheme, you are simply given the opportunity to try and test what it has to offer. This, it will be much easier for you to decide whether or not it is a good option on your search for the perfect match of your life.

If you are really that ardent to find the right person to meet the soonest possible time, you may find him or her by simply visiting Dating Site Free Trials today!

Go For Online Dating

Compared to offline dating, going on a date online has lots of practical advantages. Basically, when you date on the web, you won’t have to spend lots of your money just to meet someone. With online dating, you could literally pick your date carefully plus make the most out of your time, money and effort as well. It would be possible for you to find someone whom you’re comfortable with and also someone who has similar interests as you, when you date on the internet. There are lots of other benefits that you can have when you date online. To better understand it and then try it out, it’s best that you should read on for some practical tips on how to find a place where you could go on a date on the web and also how you could set up a profile page that could let you attract people.

To go on a date online, the very first thing that you have to do is to find an online dating service provider on the internet. There are literally lots of sites online that let users go on a date. To find one that is reputable, you could go to review sites that show the features of and also compare different dating sites on the web. You can choose to sign up on sites that have been given high ratings by various users or those that have been recommended by those who’ve successfully found love online. Of course, do take note that not all dating sites are available for free. The fact is that some of the best dating pages online like eHarmony charge fees for their services.How Much Does eHarmony Cost Depending on what type of subscription you’d want to go for, there are different fees. For example, if you want to access the site for a year, you’d have to pay about $25 or so.

How do you successfully find a date on the web? One of the things that you should do to find a partner online is to set up a profile page that people can access. When you create a page that contains at least basic information about yourself, it would be possible for you to attract people. Even though there are lots of users online that have individual pages of their own, you have to believe that you have a chance of being noticed and chosen by certain types of people. After you’ve already found a dating service where you can set up a profile page, you should then set up your space as soon as you can. One of the things that you should write is your name. If you’re not comfortable about giving away your real name, you could write down your nickname or any name that can best describe you. You should also upload a photo of yourself. Most users online who are looking for a date select people whom they find to be physically attractive so it’s best that you should upload a picture of yourself to increase your chances of being found by those whom you might also like.

Controlling The Symptoms Of Stage Fright

In order to understand how to overcome stage fright and speech anxiety, it might be helpful to learn how to address each of the specific symptoms properly.

Learn How to overcome stage fright

Once the body engages with the fight or flight response, a number of physiological symptoms may become evident. Such response actually prepares the body to take effective action, which might involve fighting or running away.

When trying to understand how to overcome stage fright, one of the things that may be done is to recognized the symptoms and address each one of them.

Stiffness of the Neck and Back Muscles

When the muscles contract, it means that the body is already prepared to take action. One common symptom of stage fright is the stiffness of the neck and back muscles. This contraction pushes the pelvis forward and causes the body to slump into a fetal position. In such position, the body protects the vital organs from any attack. If the body is forced to stand straight, the muscles may start to tremble and become fatigued over the course of the speech.

In order to relax these muscles, some stretching and exercise may be done. It is recommended to walk briskly around the area or to even throw your arms around and stretch the muscles. Even the muscles on the face may be exercised by simply scowling and making faces, and then relaxing the muscles again.

Rapid Breathing

When preparing for a dangerous situation, the body requires a steady supply of oxygen. This causes fast but shallow breathing.

In order to regulate the breathing, the person may take deep breaths from the diaphragm. Once the normal breathing is restored, the body may start to construe that the seemingly “dangerous” situation has already been averted. As the rapid breathing slows down to the normal rate, the other symptoms will follow.

Stomach Pain and Vomiting

Under stress, the function of the digestive system has a low priority. Therefore, through the duration of the “dangerous” situation, food processing is shut down. This results into “butterflies” in the stomach, as well as nausea. Since the digestive system temporarily slows down or stops secretion of stomach acid and saliva, the mouth may also begin to dry.

In order to avoid feeling these sensations, it is important to observe what the body does under stress. The responses may vary from person to person.

Generally, the sugar levels have to be maintained as the body uses up the high-energy sugar reserves when under stress. A banana or an apple may be eaten in order to maintain the sugar levels but to still prevent a sugar high.

Comfort food that contains carbohydrates can help because they trigger the secretion of serotonin. Rice dishes, pizza and pasta are some of the low-fat meals with complex carbohydrates that are advisable to be eaten before a speech or performance. Protein, which takes long to digest, as well as fat, which slows down digestion, should be avoided.

Keynote Speaker – What It Means?

Generally, when people think of keynote speaker they intend someone, who can talk about a certain topic for one hour or less.   However, the term tends to be misunderstood by many as it is usually confused with motivation or inspirational speaking.  The simple truth is that a motivation speaker can be a keynote speaker, but that is not a rule.  The goal of a keynote speaker is to capture the essence of the meeting and be able to present it to the audience in a few minutes of time.  That is done only after days of researching about the company, the problems it has and the audience that is going to be attending the meeting.  Only after doing the necessary research, the speaker can proceed to make the presentation, by employing a number of useful tactics.  It is not unusual for a keynote speaker to use humor, clips, songs and participants from the audience during his or her speech.

Keynote speakers are usually invited to speak during corporate events, meetings and conferences.  They tend to specialize in particular subject areas, such as business strategy, diversity, economic outlook, future trends, healthcare, innovation, inspiration, sales and marketing, technology and many others.  During the process of choosing the perfect one for your needs you should consider things like age, gender, expertise and character.  Most keynote speakers prefer to specialize in certain fields, such as colleges, for example.  That makes it imperative to choose the right one for your company or personal issues.

The creation and deliverance of an effective keynote speech take time and a lot of energy, as the keynote speech is quite different from any other kind of speech.  The first step towards success is better understanding of the audience and the company, in order to find common ground and a language, understood by all.  The goal of a keynote speech is to motivate, and that means to bring emotions into the equation.  The purpose is to inspire the audience to pursue higher professional and personal goals.  To achieve that the keynote speaker needs to use persuasive, energetic and very pragmatic examples and stories, which often are permeated with humor.

The stories have a power of their own that makes the speeches credible and memorable.  The stories about real people make seem the too high goals reachable for everyone, as the human logic tells us – if he did it, I can too!  However, the stories must be all coordinated to repeat more than once the core message that should be taken home by every one of the participants.

On the Internet you will find more than one offer of amazing keynote speakers, who can really turn things around for you.  For example, at KeynoteSpeakerTX you are offered the opportunity to meet with speakers with dashing and charismatic personalities that are able to deliver the message and promote change in your company.  Through humor and tears the keynote speaker is ready to take you on a journey of self rediscovery and improvement.

How much does eHarmony Cost?

Finding your significant other as single or divorced can be distressing especially if you are considered as the shy type of person when it comes to conversing one-on-one to any individual you are interested to know. Well, you are not alone my friend since there are also others that feel the same way as you are. This is the reason why eHarmony (a matchmaking company) is there to help you in searching the right person.

The dating company offers dating and relationship advice to individuals who are in search for a relationship. The company is indeed the experts when it comes to such problems and with their years of experience and expertise in helping people find a satisfying relationship, more and more clients come along the way.

Consequently, if you are in need of their services, you can always contact them over at their website. On the other hand, you may also want to ask how much does eHarmony cost? Of course they services are not free since they also have expert employees that can provide you the best service when it comes to finding the best match for you.

Don’t worry about how much eHarmony costs. The company offers affordable subscription services and the rates would not spend you more than $100 a month.

On the other hand, you can always avail for the free trial offered by eHarmony. The free trial offer would provide you some insights, advice in dating about any relationship without any obligations at all. Once you are satisfied you can upgrade to premium rates which can provide you added services which is beneficial for you. If incase the free trial is finished and you don’t want to continue then you can always unsubscribe without paying any cent.

Now remember, eHarmony is one of the best websites where you can find a date and turn it into a long time relationship. Besides this, relationship advice is given to enhance the “spark” between you and your partner.

The excellent deal about eHarmony is that their expert matchmakers will focus on coaching, conversing and even finding the perfect match for you. Well the fact here is that it’s a one-on-one coaching advice.

Take into detail matchmaker professionals at eHarmony will do initial assessment on your personality. This includes the things you like and dislike when it comes to food, clothes, your hobbies and some other personality tests. This is to give the matchmaker an idea in searching the right match that will suit your personality. This way, there’s a higher percentage that the person you will date is compatible for you.

The dating and matchmaking company is always there to help you look for the “chosen one” and they are committed to this since it’s their expertise all along. Thousands of individuals have already attested their satisfaction for the dating company and this is a fact.

Remember, the dating and matchmaking site truly understands your feelings. That’s why they are always ahead if in case clients come to get help since they are always updated when it comes to looking for possible dating match. Well, it’s not just about how much does eHarmony cost but it’s all about helping a lonely person happy and this is their dedication to clients who wants a “satisfaction guaranteed” relationship.


How To Attract Women

Are you at a loss for how to attract women? Would you be surprised if we told you pretty much every internet how-to is lying to you and setting you up for failure? Remember, you’re unique and so is the person you want to date. Strategies that claim to work on absolutely everyone are nothing more than nonsense.

With that said, if you’re looking for guidance on how to attract women, there’s a few things that can make your path smoother and the task easier.

• To get your interest returned, remember to by interested yourself, friendly and polite. These are the things that will make you memorable for the right reasons.
• You won’t get anywhere not opening your mouth. Talk to people in general. Try asking for a recommendation or discussing your purchase. Being genuine in your interest can make someone’s day.
• Know when you’re not welcome. Body language exists for a reason- learn to read it. After all, we doubt you’re always feeling chatty- the woman you want is just like you. Maybe it’s been a bad day. Maybe she doesn’t want advances made. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person- but it doesn’t mean she is either. The timing’s not right. Move on and find someone who’s more receptive.
• If you’ve read ‘how to attract women‘ guides elsewhere, they’ve probably told you compliments are the way to go. The truth is a little different. You may thing a compliment automatically puts you in ‘great guy’ territory, but it can also be unwelcome or sound creepy- remember, you’re a stranger, and she doesn’t know if you’re a nice guy or a stalker looking for a victim.
• Manage your expectations. This is the most frustrating tip of all when you’re eager to meet a new lover, but the most important. You wouldn’t like to be worked over in some mechanical fashion, and nor does any woman. That’s not how to attract women. The best way is to relax, enjoy the act of chatting and talking, and let things develop. If nothing else, it’s good practice for the next time.

Keep it confident, but avoid arrogance. It’s not as hard as it may seem, actually. Remember that no one likes hard sells- don’t be the guy that comes over like one of those phone cold-callers. Pushy and over the top is uncomfortable, not impressive. Make her comfortable to be around you, and you’ll have much better luck. Be casual, let her know you’d like to take things further but aren’t pressuring. If she feels comfortable that you aren’t going to metamorphosize into a grade A jerk-off the second she say know, you’ve got a far better chance of scoring. Bear in mind, she’s probably met a good few jerks before you get there- show her how you’re not one. That alone might be enough to get you remembered fondly!

For other great tips on how to attract women, try a reliable and true site like http://www.girlfriendwiki.co.uk for real world advice that will make you seem like a great prospect- and net the girl of your dreams.

Why People May Hate Online Dating Websites

A lot of people will surely agree that the internet has penetrated almost every facet of human life today. Before, the internet was only used as a means to obtain information regarding whatever hobbies, products, services or topics that you may be interested in. Over time, the internet evolved into an avenue where business and money matters can be transacted. Today, the internet has already penetrated the more personal aspects of an individual’s life.

One big piece of evidence that the internet is already a part of an individual’s personal life is the existence of online dating sites. While somehow similar to social networking sites, online dating sites are structured in order to cater to individuals looking for relationships through the World Wide Web. While it cannot be denied that online dating sites can be very helpful for people looking for relationships, considering that the presence of these dating sites give individuals more chances to look for their mates; a lot of people still hate or even abhor the idea of online dating sites. This outlook of theirs regarding these types of website can be a combination of personal experience or even just stigma or unfounded impressions.

Still, here are some of the reasons why some people hate online dating sites.

The major reasons why people refrain from using these dating sites is the possibility of scam and fraud. There have been a lot of stories circulating on the internet as well as in other media where a certain individual has gotten too attached to the person he or she may be regularly conversing with on an online dating website, only to find out that the person is not the person who he or she claims to be on his or her online dating profile. It is also very possible that the individual is a far cry from how he deals with his or her online mate through online means or other forms of communication, but in reality the person can be quite rude or even cruel to his or her date.

Also, there is the subject of fees. A lot of online dating sites require that you pay subscription fees in order to use the site’s services and meet potential relationship partners online. This can be considered as a good thing, as the fact that you will have to pay to use the site can actually help weed out scammers and people who can pretend to be somebody who they are not. The problem is that some of these sites charge rather high subscription fees, making them very impractical to use.

Still, not all online dating websites are bad. In fact, some of them are really popular and have been patronized by a lot of many people for many years now, and one example is Match.com. If you want to read up on reviews on the website and know what the subscription prices are, lauraruderman.org is one blog that you will surely love to visit, as it contains a lot of information about Match.com Subscription Prices and other online dating websites as well.


80S Fashion Is Coming Back In A Big Way And You Should Incorporate It With Your Style

Recently I have been seeing a lot of 80s fashion coming back into style. Many young women who were still toddlers or not even born yet in the 80s are now sporting fashion that they are not even aware was hugely popular back then. The 80s look is quite timeless because of the really vibrant mix of color on display at that time. The 90s didn’t really have much of a fashion, When the fashion from the 80s started going out of style people started wearing more drab dark and light shades but some things stuck around. Over time the styles and ways of wearing the clothing changed but now it seems some fads are coming back and I for one am happy to see it. I think that young people of this world are looking more stylish than ever, well except for in the actual 80s that is.

If you really want to try incorporate the 80s look into your style you need to remember some of the staples of the time. The 80s were all about extravagance, make up was vibrant and hair was big and colorful or crimped and even sometimes boyish. Gloves are also a really good addition if you really want to bring out that 80s style. Some puffed arm cuffs or a shoulder padded jacket can really be the icing on the cake but then you will be right in the 80s style. If you want to keep some modern aesthetics in your look then just adding some lace or fishnets to your current style can be exactly the addition that is needed.

Sporting some 80s fashion can really make you stand out in a crown, remember the neon styles that we used to love so much, well in todays clubs filled with UV you will stand out amazingly with all different kinds of colors and hues. Be careful not to over do it though or else you could just become an eyesore. If you manage to find some shoulder pads be sure to add them to your outfit, they scream 80s and business and are actually coming back in a big way, if you can pull it off go for it.

Some of the fashion from the 80s stuck around, for example the old classic miniskirt with colorful leggings underneath, this style is still as sexy as it has ever been. If you want to add leg warmers to your attire it will totally give away that you are going for an 80s style but if you do it tastefully then you should be able to get away with it. Do not forget about the oversized and in sometimes mismatching earrings either and no matter what your decided style, an over-sized top that falls off the shoulder is a must to finish of your perfect 80s look.


Steel Panther And The AYCE Tour

The latest Steel Panther tour is on the road, in celebration of their already-acclaimed 3rd studio album, “All you can Eat”, which released for download and purchase on April 1st this year. This is following the success of their previous world tour, “Spreading the Disease” last year. They like to keep busy, what can we say!

The AYCE tour, as it’s affectionately known, kicked off in Hollywood early in April, and will be taking in the rest of North America [and Montreal] through May and June. The band are offering special VIP packages for those devoted fans [or “Fanthers”] who want to add to the experience with a grab bag of exciting extras- one-on-one time with the band, extra merchandise and more.

If you’re the kind of fan more interested in the sets then the goodies, though, you’ll be glad to know that this one will be focusing mainly on the album content, with the bulk of the playlist drawn from the new offerings. If you haven’t got your copy yet [and why not?], the track list for “All you can Eat” is:

  1. Pussywhipped
  2.  Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World
  3.  Gloryhole
  4.  Bukkake Tears
  5.  Gangbang At The Old Folks Home
  6.  Ten Strikes You’re Out
  7. The Burden Of Being Wonderful
  8.  F@#king My Heart In The Ass
  9.  BVS
  10. You’re Beautiful When You Don’t Talk
  11.  If I Was The King
  12. She’s On The Rag

So if you’re familiar with the 3 singles already released, you’ll know you’re in for a rocking time. The band may wear their talent lightly, with their homage to 80s hair metal bands and acres of spandex to short out your eyeballs, but the talent underpinning the act shines through too, and “All you can Eat” is an album packed with zany lyrical offerings, clever twists and catchy little hooks that will leave you humming them for weeks after. And behind it all are real rock riffs that anyone who remembers the ‘good old’ days of the 80s will find instantly familiar. Steel Panther tours are like an injection of metal to the brain.

There’s a reason Steel Panther have the biggest names in music jamming with them regularly- in fact, it seems to be easier to get them onstage then get them off again! They’re a celebration of metal history, and fast achieving iconic status of their own in the genre. If you want an idea of the quality of jam’s they’ve thrown down with music’s all-stars, search for their performances of a cover of the Scorpions “Rock you like a Hurricane” with Fozzy’s Chris Jericho and Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides and you’ll know what we’re talking about. The performance is from a recent gig at the House of Blues in Hollywood.

If you already know you can’t miss this opportunity, then they’ll be hitting up Seattle; Portland; Denver;  Oklahoma City; Houston; Orlando;  Myrtle Beach;  Silver Spring; Philadelphia;  Sayreville;  Montreal;  Boston, Mass;  Hampton Beach; Portland;  Toronto; New York;  Pittsburgh;  Cleveland; Kansas City and Dallas, so if your city’s on the Steel Panther tour  route, get out there and get your tickets today!


Effective Ways To Find Your Online Match

Online dating sites like what eharmony membership costs offers are created for us to find our match without going out to bars and risk ourselves at meeting creeps and serial killers. I’m not saying that there are no creeps in online dating but, I think you will have enough time to figure a guy out if you meet him online and talk, that way you’d know a lot of things from him without the danger of having those awkward conversation, awkward walks and the like. There are many dating websites that caters to every person’s preference. Like a Jewish dating size if you are Jewish, and Christian Dating sites if you wanted a Christian partner. Here are some tips that will help you in meeting your match faster and effectively.

Choose A Dating Site That Caters Your Preference

- If you are an Indian and wanted an Indian wife/husband, there are certain dating sites that are solely for Indian individuals. If you are however looking for a same gendered partner, there are also sites for that. This is important because if you are looking at the wrong place then most likely you wouldn’t find your perfect match. That is why it’s important to visit dating sites first before you apply to be a member.

Give Your Most Accurate Profile

- Never exaggerate your profile because that will help you in finding your match, An exaggerated dating profile will result to an unlikely and inaccurate common interests with another person. That will be unfair for the person who thought that you’re going to be the one for them, and will likely backfire on you. I suggest that you make your profile as simple and as accurate as possible. For example if you love knitting, having long walks at the beach and cooking, then might as well write that and maybe you can find a man/woman who has the same simple interests as you do.

Put Your Most Accurate Profile Picture

- Never hide your true self. Be proud of who you are. Post your most recent pic (the genuinely smiling one) and let them fall in love with you. When making a dating profile, never put pictures that are 2-5 years ago. I am very sure that you don’t really look like that now. You are more gorgeous now than three years ago. Also don’t put pictures that don’t really look like you because of too much make up. Just a lip gloss and eyebrow pencil is good. Let him like you for your simplicity not for your cakey face.

Last But Not The Least…

When you start talking to him, just be nice and be yourself. If he likes you for who you are then that’s a great sign that you and that person can be friends. You guys should be at ease with each other as you try to know the personality of one another. If both of your dating profiles are true, then most likely you two will have a good relationship ahead.